Marianne Smith, the founder of Clinton Woods Business Center, brings to this endeavor over 40 years of hands-on business management, accounting & network administration. During the course of her career, Marianne has developed exceptional skills, not only in these particular areas, but also in graphic arts, web design, video compilation, software implementation & pc hardware repair.

The primary goal of Clinton Woods Business Center is to assist the small business owner in achieving their fullest potential for success by providing select services on a per-order basis that, in a larger business, might be provided by full-time employees. Clinton Woods will provide your small business with the presence & effective management tools to match any competitor, small or large.

If you are not yet a business owner, or do not wish to be, but need assistance in honing certain skills or creating an effective resume, we can help with that too. We provide implementation & training on many software programs.

Clinton Woods Business Center also associates with several experts in other areas such as data analytics, network security & personal/professional insurance planning. Through our access to these professionals, you can be assured of getting your business needs taken care of so that you & your own employees can concentrate on using your own specific skill sets to grow your business to its greatest success.